Recent Work – Live Performances

Recent Work - Live performances

Special Olympics

The ceremony took place in Sheffield United’s football stadium. The parade consisted of 2,500 athletes along with a host of talents including Stilt walkers, Chinese Lion dancers, Indian dancers and Cheerleaders.

Members of African Heritage UK performed as part of the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics 2017.

Artistic Director and Coordinator:  Nathan Geering

Casting: African Heritage UK

Choreographer: Judith Palmer @ African Heritage UK

Assistant Choregrapher: Mona Daniel @ African Heritage UK

Dancers: Zuwena Blagrove, Jade Anderson, Krystal Stephens, Leanna Ferguson @ African Heritage UK



Lambeth Country Show


The Lambeth Country Show 2017 was hosted by Tree Shepherd at the Forest Enterprise Network. (An organisation encouraging support, networking and collaboration between small businesses).

Leading director Judith Palmer, choreographed and collaborated with our ‘pop up’ group and freelance musicians to create an outdoor, high-intensity performance, which was well received.  

Choreographer: Judith Palmer @ African Heritage UK Ltd

Musicians: Charles James, Stephen Blagrove, Chauncey Huntley, Devon and Clinton @ African Heritage UK Ltd

Dancers: Zuwena Blagrove, Krystal Stephens and Kristal Odai @ African Heritage UK Ltd